About Peanut Caramel

Peanut butter is hugely popular. It's one of the most loved food products in the world, and it's almost always paired with something sweet. There's a reason why the peanut butter and jam sandwich is such an all-time classic: the sweetness of the jam cuts through the heavy richness of the peanut butter and brings everything into balance, creating an irresistible combination.

Peanut Caramel Cheesecake image

Peanut Caramel solves a problem for the sweet-toothed, peanut loving foodie. They love the rich taste of peanut butter, but they want to easily incorporate it into desserts, cakes, and cookies. Peanut caramel makes this very easy. For example, one of the best and easiest things to make with it is an effortless sweet peanut custard: simply bring a saucepan of cream to the boil, then whisk in some peanut caramel until smooth. Simple!

Other tasty things you can make with Peanut Caramel include peanut caramel cheesecakepeanut millionaire's shortbreadpeanut and jam crème brûlée and more.

A close-up photo of roasted peanuts on a tray

We roast peanuts until they're golden. This gives the Peanut Caramel a deep, rich flavour.

Nutritional Information

Peanut Caramel is high energy, protein rich and full flavoured.

It's made entirely from natural ingredients and contains no artificial flavourings or additives.

Per 100 gPer 20 g portion
Energy316 kcal 63 kcal
Fat17.7 g3.5 g
of which saturates5.2 g1 g
Carbohydrates33.3 g6.7 g
of which sugars30.46.1 g
Fibre1.7 g0.3 g
Protein10.32.1 g
Salt3 g0.6 g